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Aug 9



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Aug 9

"I was at a party where everyone was drinking except me, although it probably looked like I was drunk because I fell down the stairs. I was mortified because the only person who saw me fall on my ass was Taylor Lautner."

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Aug 9

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"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character… would you slow down? Or speed up?"

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Aug 4
Jul 30

The Master (2012) Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

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Quentin Tarantino‬ releases first poster for ‪The Hateful Eight‬
Jul 30


Quentin Tarantino‬ releases first poster for The Hateful Eight

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Jul 28


Artist on Tumblr

Stephen Wilkes | on Tumblr (USA) - Day to Night

For more than two decades Stephen Wilkes has been widely recognized for his fine art and commercial photography. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums, and featured in a number of leading magazines and periodicals.

Wilkes’ newest body of work is titled Day to Night. The work embodies epic cityscapes with fleeting moments throughout the day to the night. Wilkes photographs from one camera angle continuously for approximately 15 hours. A select group of images are then seamlessly blended into one photograph. The work has inspired huge positive response by the public and press. Each photograph takes months to develop and a plan for more images is in the works.

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Stephen Wilkes | artist recommended by Mumy]

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Nosferatu (1922)
Jul 25

Nosferatu (1922)

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Jul 24

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Jul 24


old los angeles movie theaters or: places to get married

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